I am a Cheshire based photographer. Available to travel.

When you start shooting you have to do two things. Trust your instincts and follow your heart, you have to capture moments as they happen and trust how they make you feel. When you shoot this way I believe the picture captures a real moment of a real person, that will always belong to you. My style is both natural in composition and lighting, I use natural light and prefer to shoot with my telephoto lens, this lets me stay back yet be close enough to capture what I need. My background is in fashion and I spent my early professional life immersed in that life. After moving to the USA I decided to make the move and pursue my career in photography, which I had always had a long love with. I really do believe very strongly in the strength of a moment and the feelings that match it, it never changes, for me at least, there will always be pictures of moments that touch my heart and that's what I love about my career today.


Please drop me an email to talk about  what you want from your session.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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